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Finding a Pet Friendly Community

When looking for a pet-friendly community, it’s important to ensure a comfortable environment for you and your pet. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things to look for:

1. Pet-Friendly Housing Options you should consider 

Consider communities with a variety of pet-friendly facilities, including upscale apartments complexes, townhomes, and houses in gated communities and with fenced-in yards. You want to make sure there is plenty of comfortable living space and amenities for you and your pet to feel comfortable. Try to find “closely-knit” neighborhoods with lots of pet-friendly events happening year round.

2. Make sure the community is welcoming to pets and their owners 

Spend time observing whether the community feels welcoming and accommodating to pets. Do owners use good pet-ownership etiquette such as dogs on leashes, picking up their dog’s waste, and ensuring their pet is socialized? You can often check online forums and reviews to get a feel for how neighbors respond to pet owners and their animals.

3. Review the Pet Policies Before You Sign a Rental or Purchase Agreement 

Make sure you carefully review and understand the community’s or apartment complexes’ policies, including breed restrictions, size limitations, and the number of pets allowed per household. Are there any pet deposits or monthly charges for pet ownership? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you know this before you commit or sign an agreement to purchase or rent your home.

4. Do the outdoor spaces accommodate your pet? 

Look for communities with plenty of outdoor spaces such as sidewalks, walking trails or designated dog parks, where your pet can exercise and socialize safely. You also want to make sure that there are green areas for your pet to run and play.

Community on-site dog park at the grassy backyard of a typical apartment complex

5. Consider a community that offers a variety of amenities

Consider communities that offer convenient pet amenities like pet washing stations, waste stations, and pet-friendly gathering areas. These areas will make you and your pet feel more comfortable.

6. What Pet Services are available in the area?

Check for the proximity of veterinarians, groomers, and pet retailers. You want to make sure you have plenty of options in case you need these services in the future. In addition, make sure there is a pet hospital close by. You want to have the support you need in case of emergency.

7. Find the local pet-friendly establishments 

Research if there are pet-friendly businesses in the area, such as cafes or restaurants with outdoor seating. Many even offer water bowls and/or pet treats. If you live close to Orlando, check out our list of some of the city’s best pet-friendly areas.

8. Make a list of the Pet-Focused Events happening near your home.

Are there pet-focused events, such as adoption drives, pet parades, or training classes? All of these offer opportunities to socialize your pet and to make friends with other pet owners. Check local listings or the city website to find details about happenings in your area. Many offer fun ways for you and your pet to get involved with the community.

9. Are Pet Waste Reciprocals Available? 

You want to make sure that there are plenty of options for pet waste including designated disposal areas, green grassy areas that allow for the pet to go to the bathroom, and regular cleaning of common spaces. Another alternative is to hire a company that will help with pet waste clean-up, but either way, it is always the responsibility of the pet owner to clean up after their animal so make sure you and your pet are set up for success.

10. Locate a Pet Nabor community for Pet Sitting or Pet Care 

Does the community have options for pet boarding, pet sitting, or shared pet care? Consider finding a Pet Nabor community or do research to see if other neighbors in the community are willing to co-parent or share pet care responsibilities. You can also start your own Pet Nabor community by becoming a Pet Nabor Ambassador.

Remember, a pet-friendly community goes beyond just allowing pets; you want to find a place to live that creates a loving and comfortable environment for you and your pets for years to come.

Happy dog with welcome sign

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