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The Cost of Pet Daycare and Pet Boarding

Pet ownership can bring a form of companionship but with that is a great deal of responsibility. Pet boarding and day care facilities have been providing pet owners with an ability to ensure a safe environment for their fur babies while away. However, the financial cost is important to factor in.

  1. Factors Influencing Costs: Location of the facility, the size or breed of your animal, as well as the services/amenities provided all factor into the cost of the boarding fees.
  2. Average Costs: The average cost for pet daycare ranges from $20 to $40 per day, with prices being higher for specialized or luxury facilities. For overnight boarding, the average cost typically ranges from $40 to $60 per night.
  3. Peak Season Pricing: During holidays or peak seasons, such as summer or major vacations, pet boarding rates often increase significantly due to high demand.
  4. Length of Stay: The duration of your pet’s stay will directly impact the cost. Longer stays will naturally be more expensive. Some facilities might offer discounts for extended stays.
  5. Additional Services: A lot of pet daycares or boarding centers also offer services such as bathing, grooming, playtime, and even sometimes medical care. All of these services come at an extra cost. It is important to know especially when factoring in the cost of your pet’s stay.
  6. Region: Depending on the region you and your pet are living in the price of boarding can vary significantly. For example, cities like Orlando and Miami might have a higher demand for pet facilities and therefore will have higher prices on boarding. While those living in rural regions might not have as many people searching for pet boarding.

Conclusion: Pet daycare and boarding services can offer a great temporary solution for pet owners who want to ensure that while they are away that their pets are in great hands, but the cost to board your pet can definitely add up. An average stay for a multi-day vacation can cost a pet owner hundreds of dollars depending on the size and breed of their pet. The priority should always be finding a reliable and comfortable environment where your pet feels safe and loved.

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